Partnering for Progress: KTrade x HBL collaborate on empowering investments & streamlining payment gate-away

HBL with KTRade

In the fast-paced world of finance, collaboration is the key to unlocking new possibilities and driving innovation. The recent partnership between HBL (Habib Bank Limited), one of Pakistan’s leading banks, and KTrade, a pioneering digital trading platform, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of seamless trade deposits and payment experiences. 

Traditionally, the process of depositing funds for trading purposes has been plagued by delays, inefficiencies, and manual interventions. However, with the integration of HBL’s robust banking infrastructure and KTrade’s cutting-edge trading platform, traders now have access to seamless trade deposits.

Here’s how it works, KTrade users with an HBL account can now deposit funds from their HBL account to their KTrade account in real time. Log in to your HBL app, Select -> Payment -> Corporate Payment -> Enter K Trade Securities & your client ID.

image 15

Following are some key features of the partnership:

  1. No service fees
  2. Hassle free payment
  3. No requirement of adding KTrade as a beneficiary
  4. Fund deposits from 10k-700K

The partnership between HBL & KTrade represents a paradigm shift in the way traders and investors engage with financial markets. By seamlessly integrating trade deposits and payment processes, they are revolutionizing the trading experience and empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of finance with confidence and ease.