Exciting News: KTrade Partners With Multan Sultans for HBL PSL 9

multan sultans partners with ktrade

A Win-Win for Cricket and Capital Markets

February 17th, 2024

Karachi, Pakistan

In a historic move that is set to redefine the synergy between sports and finance, KTrade Securities proudly announces its sponsorship of the Multan Sultan cricket team for the highly anticipated Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024. This groundbreaking partnership marks the first time a capital markets firm from the Pakistan Stock Exchange has stepped into the arena of cricket sponsorship, underlining the shared values of hard work, determination, and community development.

KTrade and Multan Sultans: A Celebration of Struggle and Success

Cricket is more than a game in Pakistan; it is a celebration of hard work, persistence, struggle, competition, and success. It brings together families, friends, societies, and the entire nation. Recognizing this, KTrade Securities, formerly known as KASB Securities, sees its sponsorship of the Multan Sultan cricket team as an extension of its mission to connect Pakistani people to investment opportunities within the country.

“At KTrade, our mission is to connect Pakistani people to investment opportunities in Pakistan by helping them invest in stocks, bonds, government securities, commodities, mutual funds, and companies. We believe that financial planning and investment are critical for the well-being and success of every Pakistani household. This should not be limited to only a select few,” stated Ali Farid Khwaja, the Chairman of KTrade Securities.

A Proud Association: KTrade and Multan Sultan

The partnership with Multan Sultan signifies more than just a corporate sponsorship. It is an alignment of values, a celebration of the underdog spirit, and a commitment to social and community development. Multan Sultans embody the true essence of champions by punching beyond their weight through passion and energy.

“We are proud of our association with the Multan Sultan team. Representing a smaller city, Multan Sultan is the underdog in the overdrive. They punch beyond their weight through passion and energy, which is the feat of a true champion. Their cricket is not only about the game on the field but about social and community development of a region which has deep historical value and entrepreneurial energy,” said Ali Farid Khwaja, the Chairman of KTrade Securities.

A Testimony of Popularity: Multan Sultan’s General Manager Speaks

Hijab Zahid, General Manager of Multan Sultans, expressed delight at the collaboration with KTrade Securities. “We are extremely delighted to have KTrade on board. To have a respected stock brokerage firm in KTrade collaborating with us is a testimony of how popular Multan Sultans as a franchise is. Through this partnership, cricket is tapping into a new industry in Pakistan, which will prove to be beneficial for the game and the stock and commodity brokerage industry.”

Conclusion: A Partnership Beyond the Cricket Field

As the PSL 2024 unfolds, the partnership between KTrade Securities and Multan Sultans promises to be a game-changer, not only for the cricketing world but also for the capital markets industry in Pakistan. It is a testament to the shared values of determination, optimism, and teamwork that both entities uphold. This collaboration reflects a new era where sports and finance come together for the betterment of the community and the nation at large. The KTrade app, as the most popular stock trading app in Pakistan, will continue to connect people to investment opportunities, reinforcing the belief that financial success is a goal within reach for all.

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