KASB Corporate Access: Mobilizing public capital for growth companies-lessons from London Stock Exchange and Euronext Europe


Dear Friends,

Many companies and investors ask me about the listing process on the London Stock Exchange and in Europe. So for our next webinar in collaboration with ADB, we are hosting Sebastian Grabert from Euronext (largest exchange in Europe – owns Amsterdam, Dublin, and Paris Exchanges) and Gokul Mani from London Stock Exchange. Mr. Shauzab Ali, Commissioner of SECP will say the closing words. Sebastian and Gokul will provide an overview of their markets especially focusing on how international growth companies can list there. It will provide some good insights into growth company IPOs in Europe and lessons for companies and investors in Pakistan. The webinar is on the 11th of August. Details below.


Meeting ID: 864 6276 1683

Best wishes,

Ali Farid Khwaja.

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