Budget should be job-creating, tax rationalizing, export boosting & import substituting!

budget 1

Pakistan should announce tax holiday for new investments in medical devices, food processing, agri-tech, textiles, electronics, chemicals, plastics, renewable, leather, footwear, engineering, furniture, ceramics & automobile etc. The message should be loud and clear: invest more, create jobs and re-industrialize.

This is 3rd budget of PTI, transformation has to start now or now. Covid-19 has upended the risk-seeking capitalist. Carrots should be offered for structural growth after 2-3 years. Structural weaknesses in exports & import substitutions should be immediately addressed along with decisive efforts on enhancing agricultural yields. Food security is a looming threat for Pakistan.

Transition to knowledge economy requires mass training on data-analytics, programming, app/game development, machine learning, Robotics, artificial intelligence & augmented reality.

Give tax rebates. Increase edu-budget. Hire PhDs from abroad. Step into the future.

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