NAGA Weekly Recap April 1 – 2024 – April 5 – 2024

This week in the markets, we’ve seen a whirlwind of activity that’s sure to catch the attention of traders and investors alike. From a significant drop in the Dow to unexpected movements in the tech sector, and even a surge in oil prices amidst Middle East tensions, the landscape is brimming with developments that could have long-lasting impacts. Not to mention, the forex markets are reacting to key comments from the US Federal Reserve, signaling potentially pivotal shifts.

Dive into our latest roundup to get the full scoop on these pivotal market movements and what they could mean for your portfolio!

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Top Economic Events To Watch | April 1 – April 5 – 2024

As we embark upon a new quarter in 2024, all eyes are on the upcoming releases of the week. Among the key events on the radar are the Nonfarm Payrolls report from the United States, European CPI figures, and the ISM Manufacturing PMI.

With expectations running high and uncertainties lingering, the week promises to be a pivotal one for financial markets worldwide.

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NAGA Weekly Recap March 25 – 2024 – March 29 – 2024

This week, we have some exciting updates to share with you. The US stock market has hit new records, while many traders felt the aftermath of the Reddit IPO. A piece of good news for market participants is gold reaching a new record high, but the decline in the EUR/USD carries an uncertain reputation. Learn more about these developments in our weekly recap.

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S&P 500’s latest record closes out best first quarter since 2019

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Partnering for Progress: KTrade x HBL collaborate on empowering investments & streamlining payment gate-away

In the fast-paced world of finance, collaboration is the key to unlocking new possibilities and driving innovation. The recent partnership between HBL (Habib Bank Limited), one of Pakistan’s leading banks, and KTrade, a pioneering digital trading platform, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of seamless trade deposits and payment experiences. 

Traditionally, the process of depositing funds for trading purposes has been plagued by delays, inefficiencies, and manual interventions. However, with the integration of HBL’s robust banking infrastructure and KTrade’s cutting-edge trading platform, traders now have access to seamless trade deposits.

Discover the World of Shariah Compliant Investing with KTrade Securities

Investing can seem like an inaccessible for Shariah compliant investors, but the realm of Islamic finance has come quite far. Recently launched, the Ijarah Sukuk Government Securities offer investors a Shariah-compliant avenue for investment that not only adheres to ethical principles but also presents promising financial prospects.

At KTrade Securities, we recognize the immense potential of Ijarah Sukuk and advocate for their inclusion in your investment portfolio. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Ijarah Sukuk and explore why partnering with KTrade Securities for your investment needs can be a prudent decision.